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                                                                                      Lisa Dittman & Lauren Larrison

                                                                                      Owners of Luxe Living Interiors


"I have always had a passion for interior design. As a young child, I would rearrange my room, move pieces from wall to wall, and always wished for new room decor for birthdays and Christmas. I always tagged along as my mom would go out shopping for new furnishings or home decor. She loved it,I loved it and we truly bonded in the experience of breathing new life into a space with a quick change of colors, textures, furnishings, or even new drapes. 

I originally went to school for Business at Kennesaw State University. I furthered my career in the legal profession and went to school for paralegal studies. 

My heart always desired a path of creativity and I soon found myself astray, working weekends and long evenings decorating the homes of friends and family. As my side business grew, I opted to learn more about the field of interior design and further enrolled into night classes. I took a leap of faith and changed my career path in 2017, as I studied interior design and established Luxe Living Interiors with my mother, Lisa Dittman. 

Our design business quickly grew and word of mouth spread quicker than we could have ever dreamed. With this, we decided to open up a retail space in Downtown Monroe, Ga in August of 2019. Our growth has been more than a blessing as we have since had the need to hire Terrance Doxie, a designer, and graduate from the University of Alabama. 

Terrance came in to our shop with a client looking for a dining table. We connected immediately and several months later he was on staff. 

Haleigh primarily works within our store front. She assists on the back-end with design/client management, shipments & orders, and the day to day operations. 

We love our team. Luxe Living Interiors has been a dream come true. We love connecting with our clients and enjoy being a part of their journey as they turn a house into a home. "

-Lauren Larrison

Owner & Interior Designer




Owner &

Interior Designer


Terrance Doxie

Interior Designer &

Retail Management




Owner & Designer

HR Management


Debora Hall

Design Assistant &

Retail Associate